Elestial Records is a non profit organization founded on Halloween 2006 in London.

Its goal is to unite artists and healers of the planet, from any or every culture, color, country, religion or social group to bring Peace, Love, Harmony & Bliss to all those who desire it.

It is achieved through gathering people together to write, record and perform heartfelt and mind boggling music for the Greater Good of all Beings and all Creation...

The label and its founder Daniel Symons (aka Dymons) are based by the picturesque and inspiring lake Geneva at the feet of the Alps in Switzerland.

Elestial Records' first release is Dymons' debut solo album "Druids Brew" featuring guests from Algeria, Burkina Faso, Cuba, Canada and Switzerland.

The second release is "Cosmosophy - Organic Space Age" written and produced by Pearce van der Merwe (aka Flooting Groove) and Daniel Symons. It features artists from South Africa, Cuba and Canada. Genres: Ambient, Chill, Meditation, Dub, Breaks, Tribal/Ethnic, World Beat, Electronica, Downtempo, Progressive and PsyTrance, Dance... Mostly being a mixture of all these with quite a psychedelic edge... An elestial crystal is a form of quartz also know as the enchanted crystal and is said to have many metaphysical properties... Blessed be your celestial dreams!...




Daniel Symons was born into a British famliy living in
Switzerland on May 14th 1973.

Besides music classes and the choir at school aged 15 he starts
stumming a few chords and bashing a drum kit. A couple of years
later wanting to find out more about the roots of drumming he jumps
on a train to West Africa with a drum kit... There the kit is traded for
the traditional djembe (easyer to travel with) rockin' it everyday till his
hands (and the neighbours ears) would have no more.

Back in Switzerland he moved in with a community of artists producing
a first album and also playing with various bands performing many
different styles such as reggae, rock, funk, punk, hiphop, jazz,
traditional african, middle eastern, etc...

The cold northern winds and some sort of mystical impulse move him to
India for the winter season where he meets hundreds of other gypsies,
travellers and so on to find he's not alone to love playing and dancing to endless
beats; came the discovering of electronic psychedelic music...

His next trip takes him to Mexico where he's "coincidentally" thrown into
a gathering of native american medicine men and women who came
from as far as Alaska and Tierra del Fuego.
He is initiated to various shamanic rituals which lead him
to play with various music, dance and
trance therapy workshops around the globe.

Forming and taking part in various bands and projects he has toured
several times in Mexico, played in Brasil, Morocco, Australia, Thailand,
India, Israel, USA, UK and many venues in Europe as a performer or dj.

He records ambient sounds along the way for his own productions and a radio station in Switzerland.
He's also written music for a few short movies.

A few of the events and organisations he has performed for include:

Soulclipse (Indigo Kids),
Australia Eclipse Festival (Exotic Native),
Rainbow Serpent (Green Ant),
Exodus (Happy People),
Zoom (Happy People),
Boom Festival,
The MicroCosm (Alex Greys Museum),
Synergy (I.D.Spiral, Turaya),
Psy Dream Temple,
Doof Festival (Is)
Morocco 2001,
Mystery of Eleusis (Cristal Head Tribe),
Temple of Light (Space Connection),
Quest for Goa,
Peace Mountain,
Paleo Festival,
Soma Sound System,
and many more...

Some of his music has been published by Birdline, Exotic native,
Exodus and Peak Records, Freeze Magazine, more comig soon...

As a solo act Dymons performs live dub mixing of his creations:
Multitrack recordings (accoustic and electronic)
mixed and effected in realtime with delays, flangers, filters & lots more...

He performs in a similar way a live psytrance act as Dragons.

He djs psychedelic trance, ambient, chill, dub and ethnic music.

Dan also writes tracks and performs with
The Peaking Goddess Collective,
a 4 piece instrumental psytrance & chill out band.